Welcome to Coaching Network Budapest!

We are pleased to present you with our coaching network platform. We have restructured it for you, with a particular reference to Hungary. On your way to personal, business and career transitions, we wish to support you, and assist you in achieving your goals.

Are you looking for dedicated, professional coaching – personally, or as a team? Are you planning to develop professionally, or do you want to meet a personal challenge? Then you are right with us!

Or do you have a business idea? We are professional, dedicated coaches, and we can help you in your transition, step by step, and move forward to the next level.

You want to develop your skills? Personally? As a company? Move forward in your career? As coaches, we will ask you the right questions, which will encourage you and activate your own resources. We assist you in taking your next step forward – there are so many options to choose from. Moving forward may be exhausting, even painful for you – but we will be there to share your joy with you, when you achieve your results, and experience your success!

Mission Statement

The complexity of modern life often makes it difficult to uncover restraining patterns in business and in individuals’ lives. The coaches from Coaching Network Budapest offer assistance for targeted development of people’s potential in business and individually, and to question existing structures. With our personal commitment, and our high ethical standards we want to serve our clients best with their transition process. We extremely value the trust of our customers, and therefore carefully select our colleagues for the Coaching Network Budapest, to match our core values. Our customers’ success is our priority.

At Coaching Network Budapest you will find options and concepts tailored to your specific needs. We carefully select our coaches. Our coaches have

• international training
• international experience
• high values and professional standards
• and maintain high professional competence

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Lydia Skene and Paul Binder

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